sNOw-MAD MITT - 1028

sNOw-MAD MITT - 1028

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sNOw-mad: as in I am sNOw MAD about these MITTS!  

Kill the Chill:  keep your hands toasty with designer MAD MITT CO up-cycled sweater mitts.

sNOw-mad mitts are double tough:  Our mittens are brought back to life from once loved sweaters -  hand picked for design and durability. Washed, felted, quilted, stitched, and appliqued on the topside of the mitt for a  designer flourish.  Then made even more warm with an inner fleece liner that wicks away perspiration so "sweaty mitts" is not an option.  

You'll NEVER suffer from "OMG! you have the SAME mitts as I do" syndrome.  Each one of our mitts is a one of a kind item designed by using the best attributes of the previously loved sweater.   

Our mitts fit WILD WOMEN (and those that may not be so wild):  A tight mitt is a cold mitt so we make our mitts roomy to keep the warm in.  Fits most large women's hands with room to spare.

Mitten or Gloves?  Mittens are significantly warmer than gloves, a huge advantage in serious and/or prolonged cold. Your fingers all get to snuggle with each other and share their body warmth, rather than being entombed individually in chilly finger coffins. Plus they are generally much easier to get on and off quickly. 

I AM A JUNKIE:  Yep, I'll admit it I am a thrift store enthusiast (aka junkie).  Our sweaters have been resurrected from the thrift store rack and put on the path to functional fashion.  All our sweaters are washed, felted, and cut apart to become the foundation for our super warm mitts from a non-smoking, non-pet home (I know, bummer, no pets). 

Did we mention FREE SHIPPING within the USA?  Yep, free shipping to the Lower-48 and Alaska (HI too but we're not sure they need warm mitts there).